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About us

We know how hard it can be to need money but not know where to get it. That’s how we can help you. We have an extensive list of lenders who are waiting to hear from consumers who want some fast cash. No matter what your reason is for needing cash, they want to review your request and make a speedy lending decision. You will be surprised at how easy the process is when you send us your request form.

Get Cash for Any Purpose

When you need some money, we want to help you find a trustworthy lender who can help you out. Get the money now, when you have expenses that can’t wait.

Take Advantage of Fast Service

We like to work fast so that you don’t have to wait for your money. We’ll send out your request to our lenders quickly, so they can review your details and make a decision.

No Hidden Fees

When you send your request for a cash loan to Atlas Bad Credit Loans, you won’t need to worry if there are hidden fees in your loan agreement. There will be no hidden charges of any kind.

Benefits of Bad Credit Loans Online

Fast loans available

Why should you take time off work and sit in a bank to get a fast loan? We are here and ready to help you, so send in your fast and easy inquiry form now.

Schedule of Payments

When you sign your loan contract, your lender will prepare a monthly schedule for you to follow when sending in your payments. Along with that, you’ll also receive instructions on how you should remit the payment.

Simple Steps to Quick Cash

If you need money in your pocket today, you’ll be pleased to know that the inquiry process is very short. WIth only a short questionnaire to fill in and submit, you will be done with your first step. From there, let us do the hard work of searching for a lender!

Have any questions left? Get the answers now!

When do I find out if I am eligible for a fast bad credit loan?

You’ll find out if you are accepted and the terms of your loan agreement after you send your online inquiry form to Atlas Bad Credit Loans. It’s fast, because we don’t waste any time in forwarding your urgent request to a long list of trusted lenders. Give them time to review your form and you could get a quick response.

What are my options for making the monthly payments? How do I send them in?

There are a few ways of sending in your payment, including setting up an automatic payment system through your bank account. This is a safe way to pay off the loan, since there’s no chance of forgetting. So long as you have money in your account, the transfer to the lender will go through automatically.

What are the restrictions I need to follow when I spend the money?

There are no restrictions at all, so you can spend the money however you want, so what’s holding you back?

Is there a way I can know when each payment will be due?

Sure, your lender will provide you with a copy of the payment schedule. Each payment and its due date will be listed so that there is no confusion.

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